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New Delhi, India
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Unleashing the Power of Visuals!

We’re not just storytellers; we’re emotion architects, crafting visual narratives that resonate.

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Capturing the Essence

More than Videos,We Create Experiences.

Masrah Films, where creativity knows no bounds. We’re not just a video and digital solution company; we’re a vibrant idea hub for brands, visionaries, and individuals.

Our passion lies in crafting unique and artistically pleasing experiences, expressing emotions in every frame.

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More than a Medium; it's a canvas for creativity.

We thrive on unique ideas, whether it’s in storytelling, abstract visuals, or b-roll transitions.

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Our journey began with

a mission to unburden businesses

allowing them to focus on their strengths while we weave their social presence into a captivating tale.

Sanyam Gupta
Sanyam Gupta

CEO and Founder

David Morgan
David Morgan

Chief design officer

Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith

Support manager

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to create visually stunning narratives that resonate with craft.
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We provide high quality services since 2019

Drive your business into the future.

Efficient, precise, and seamless – our perfect delivery process ensures your vision comes to life with excellence!


Dive into your brand's essence, goals, and vision.


Craft unique visual concepts for your brand.


Bring concepts to life with skilled execution.

Refinement & Delivery

Polish, refine, and deliver impactful visuals.

Masrah Films

more than a company; it's a sanctuary for ideas

a realm where creativity takes center stage, weaving stories, preserving memories, and amplifying artistic expressions. Join us on this visual journey, where every frame tells a tale of innovation, emotion, and unparalleled creativity.

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